You say research, we say bias and propaganda

What could you do with $50 million? Think about it – how many lives could you save? How many people could you benefit? Wouldn’t it be nice to think that your hard earned tax money was going to some worthwhile cause…yeah, not so much. Democrats are on the verge of approving a budget allowance to fund “gun violence” research in the same vein as disease research. As with most anti-gun measures, it’s a pointless waste of time (and a whole lot of taxpayer money).

According to Jon R. Lott of Fox News:

It should go without saying that everyone opposes gun violence. But it’s important to take effective measures to deal with this problem and not simply take actions that sound appealing but won’t really save lives.

The idea behind the $50 million in research funding is to have medical professionals apply tools they developed to study cancer, heart disease and other diseases and use them to study crime, accidental death and suicide. But to state the obvious, gun violence and diseases are two very different things.

Take a look at the rest of what Mr. Lott had to say on the subject. We’re certain you’ll agree.

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