You’ll Never Guess How This Anti-Gun Troll Got Taught A Lesson

Former Parkland High School student David Hogg has gained a certain degree of notoriety, in the past few months, as a Michael Bloomberg-sponsored spokesman for the gun control movement.

From “Die-in” protests, to marches, to rallies, Hogg is known for using social media to brow-beat corporations and passive-aggressively virtual-signal his contempt for gun owners and ordinary Americans.

In a recent tweet, Hogg tried to place the blame for all gun violence on gun owners.

Army Ranger Kris Paronto stood-up to Hogg’s cyber-bullying and did some Twitter-trolling of his own, quickly putting the youngster in his place.

While it’s unfortunate that Hogg experienced the horrific shooting in Parkland, Florida, it doesn’t give him a right to go unchallenged when spewing his uninformed and irrational hatred of guns over the internet.

Hogg has used social media to aggressively and caustically target many pro-gun supporters, politicians, and even private citizens with his anti-gun bullying.

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  1. Good onya, Kris. And thanks to Amendment 2 Rights for letting us know, or else I’d now have seen this cuz I don’t “do” Twitter. But I know you for a good guy. Ben Ghazi, and all. I also recall days where school shootings were not common occurrences. Yes, it’s the NEW generation with a no-holds-barred no-boundaries reactionary mindset that is setting the stage for, not all, but a LOT of the stuff going on today, both good and bad. Thanks for telling this too-young-for-sense newcomer how little he really knows.

  2. Sorry you Hogg, as an NRA member whose loving family is alive because my wife, who owns a S&W .44 revolver, confronted a man who smashed the front door down at night when my two young girls were in bed and he came face to face with the business end of that gun. It’s a fact that gun ownership saves lives and stops crime. And knives are used more than guns in violent crime. One statistic you don’t see much of is gun owners stopping criminals and saving lives. Read American Rifleman article Armed Citizen and you’ll see this occurs several times a month. Also, check the gun crime rate in city’s like Chicago with the strictest gun laws vs those who do not. That guy that walked into your school with a backpack of magazines and that weapon should never have had those weapons, should have been stopped by armed security, and an armed security or teacher could have dropped him before he shot all those students. Wake up!!!

  3. Maybe someday the anti-gun folks will recognize that the Second Amendment to our U.S. Constitution is inviolable, and maybe at the same time that the problem ins a “G” but not “Guns” The problem is that government has not taken that one action that would have prevented almost all mas shootings – a mental health test that all reasonable people see as the primary reason and cause of most gun deaths and shootings. LOOK AT THE FACTS OF THESE MASS SHOOTINGS and you’ll see a mental problem as the cause.

  4. Funny thing IS, if you remember correctly, Hogg did TWO videos on the day of the “Alleged” Parkland Shooting. In one, he was IN the school during the shooting, and already calling for a ban on certain rifles in the MIDST of a supposed mass shooting! In the second, he is outside the school, explaining to a reporter that he had been “At Home” and had to ride his bike TO the school to find out what was going on! He’s a plant, so stop giving him sympathy for being a “Survivor”. He survived NOTHING, and if he doesn’t go away, he may not survive much longer!

  5. I have heard a very cogent argument that many of the school shootings were carried out by individuals who were taking prescription “psychotropic” medications with known side effects including homicidal tendencies. Since these medications have had an increased use which parallels the rise in school shooting (and many school-age students are taking them), it may be fruitful to consider this possible causal factor in addition to the “millennial culture” .

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