ZØRE on board with National Train a Teacher Day

Gun locking manufacturer, ZØRE, has decided to get involved with National Train a Teacher Day.

In the wake of recent school shootings a group started the day with ambitions to train teachers in carrying, storing, and using a firearm for self defense in a school setting.

While it remains a matter of heated political debate, if teachers should carry or if schools should remain gun free zones, ZORE is trying to help all they can.

Reported from Ammoland.com:

“The ZØRE X keeps handguns ready to fire within seconds, but completely safe from unauthorized users through its patent-pending technology. The cartridge-shaped lock, placed in the gun’s chamber, is secured through a unique combination-lock dial, RAPIDialTM, which allows for swift unlocking under any circumstances, including complete darkness. Once a user inputs the code, one simple charging motion both ejects the ZØRE X lock and chambers a fresh round.”

ZØRE is offing discounts, through a training program, in an effort to keep firearms safe and only used by those who have received proper training.

Those that are opposed to teachers carrying or storing guns in school usually fall back to the argument of “What if it gets into the wrong hands?”.

ZØRE’s X gun-lock prevents this from happening as only the teacher/ owner of the gun would know the exact unlocking sequence, preventing anyone form stealing and using it.

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